Step-by-Step Teacher Lesson Guides New for 2023

New and improved Teacher Lesson Guides remodelled to support the General Capabilities of the Australian National Curriculum.

Our Building Character and Resilience program is always growing and expanding. For 2023, we are proud to offer you the new and updated teacher lesson guides. With comprehensive instructions and a range of activities, these ready-to-use lessons relate to key elements in the Australian National Curriculum, including a list of intended outcomes, and each teach students about a different good habit, like compassion, gratitude and kindness.

Busy teachers can download the ready-made leader’s lesson guide and click through to a related slideshow presentation that brings the content to life. Incorporating real life inspiring stories, educational activities and engaging video content, students will love these relatable and interactive lessons.

Lesson Plan Samples

Primary Leader’s Lesson Guide

Catholic Primary Leader’s Lesson Guide

Secondary Leader’s Lesson Guide

Catholic Secondary Leader’s Lesson Guide

About the Program

The BCR program is designed to shape student character by creating a positive and empowering culture among students. Using the BCR Teaching Program provides you with the flexibility to effortlessly incorporate a selection of 48 character strengths or good habits into the daily lives of your students.

By helping students to understand, practise and use their character strengths, they will develop wellbeing, resilience and skills for academic and personal achievement, which are essential for promoting positive mental health, happiness, and social awareness.

The fundamental premise of character strengths within the BCR Program encourages students to discuss issues that matter to them and be listened to and respected by their peers.

By using the four core character strengths as pillars for personal and academic growth, the individual needs of students are met, as the program elicits important principles like leadership, cooperation and participation that is supported by teachers, school leaders and families.

Discussion and outcome-based activities are guided by learning objectives that allow students to demonstrate and record their progress throughout the year. By structuring the program this way, teachers are able to constantly reflect, and refine the delivery of the program, ensuring that all students benefit from each lesson.

This program can be used as a stand-alone program and/or supported by our StudyQuest or StudyTrek student diaries and teacher planners.

The BCR Program is designed to integrate into any school environment.

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When using the BCR Program, we provide you with the necessary tools to tailor the program to your students:

  • Easy to follow teaching program
  • Focus programs that tackle common issues such as bullying, respect and equity, mental health, body image, pathways and more
  • Immersive, outcome-based learning objectives and leader’s guides
  • Student diaries, teacher planners and journals that help students focus on their growth and progress

The wellbeing of students is at the forefront of our program. We strive to keep our products and program accessible and competitively priced so that all school communities can benefit from Building Character and Resilience.

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