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What are your students' good habits?

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Research shows that people with strong CORE CHARACTER habits or virtues are better able to develop self-mastery, take control of their thinking and decision-making, thrive in adversity to tackle setbacks, are less vulnerable to peer group pressure, media influence and impulses, assisting to them build character, resilience & wellbeing.

What gives us Character?
What makes us Resilient?
We are what we repeatedly do.

What is Building Character & Resilience?

What is Building Character
& Resilience?

Do you ever think about why it’s so difficult to stop scrolling through new social media posts on our phones or drag ourselves away from the latest online game when we’re called for dinner? Or why it’s so easy to give up when something becomes challenging or the going gets tough? Then later, when we think about it, we don’t feel too happy about it because we’ve let ourselves and others down. It’s at these moments that we wish we had more self-control or self-mastery.

How do we develop better self-mastery or self-control? Self-mastery means developing lots of good habits that help us manage our impulses and fears, respect others and think before we act.

How do we develop good habits?

Developing good habits allows our character to grow and it’s our CHARACTER that sums up our qualities as a person. Good habits like being hopeful, optimistic and courageous can also help us persevere through challenges or setbacks and help us develop RESILIENCE. In fact, developing good habits means we have more self-belief, feel more secure and we become happier, well-rounded individuals with the ability to call on our core character strengths during difficult times.

We form habits by repeated action. Biting your nails is a habit (a bad one) because you develop it through repetition and before long, you don’t even realise you are doing it. Regular repetition of GOOD HABITS, done for the right reasons, are called VIRTUES. Daily routines help us develop habits. So, for example, when we stick to a daily routine of starting homework at a set time, without wasting time, it gradually gets easier and easier to do until it becomes a good habit or virtue.

Making good habits part of daily life

It may sound like leading a life full of good habits or virtues is only for wholesome or saintly people, but it’s something we should all strive for. Every day, you probably display many good habits or virtues like honesty or justice, but there are many other virtues that we can develop. For instance, did you know that being joyful, having courage, showing generosity or even being curious is a virtue? Who wouldn’t want to be joyful, courageous and generous? In fact, most people, without knowing it, live out numerous virtues every day. And as we’ll explain, by making virtues part of our daily life, we not only become better human beings, we also build character and resilience.

Why is all this important?

Your students will be introduced to a new CHARACTER VIRTUE every week. Don’t think of virtues as a wish list of ideal qualities. We need good habits and cannot be happy or resilient without them. If you have poor habits and therefore lack important character virtues, you can only be happy if everything goes your way 100% of the time. The good news is that developing character and resilience can be taught – no one is excluded – and this program will provide your students with practical and helpful information to assist them to develop into kind but strong people who will thrive in the face of adversity and have the ability to make a positive contribution to the world around them.

The Four Core Virtues
of Character

These FOUR CORE VIRTUES OF CHARACTER are the habits that allow us to live our own lives free from external peer group and media influence and free from our internal weaknesses like laziness, vanity and impatience. They provide a foundation that allows us to develop qualities that help us succeed, like determination and leadership; qualities that help us interact better with others, like forgiveness, honesty and generosity; and qualities that strengthen our commitment to justice, fairness and respect for others. Without respect and responsibility, sound judgement, self-mastery and courage & strength we would not be able to fully function in our society, for example:

  • Without habits of respect and responsibility to keep our selfishness in check, our decisions would hurt or neglect others.
  • Without sound judgement, we would be unable to set goals, to self-manage, to listen to our conscience and not fool ourselves.
  • Without self-mastery, our impulses or anger would distort our decision-making, harming ourselves and others.
  • Without courage and strength, our fears would paralyse us and stop us thinking clearly.
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Building Character & Resilience Student Diary Range

  • Building Character & Resilience Student Journal

    The Building Character & Resilience Journal is a companion to the Building Character & Resilience Program, designed as a practical tool to help you keep track of virtue progress and reflect on your personal growth. Featuring a double page spread per virtue, space for creativity and a progress page every 12 weeks, this journal will guide you through constructive reflection of past and present behaviour, giving you tips and tools on developing resilience to reach your full potential.
“Bannockburn College introduced a
whole college diary from P – 12 in 2020, and without
the excellent work of Createl this would not have been
possible. They were able to accommodate producing
separate diaries specific to the needs of our Junior,
Middle and Later Years, provided excellent support
and advice with the layout and design of each diary,
and were extremely easy to work with. They certainly
made the process very easy and we look forward to
working with Createl in the future.
Carmel Cranage, Bannockburn
P-12 College (JNR YRS)
“We have worked with Createl for many years
now and have always found everyone to be very
enthusiastic to work with and always helpful on
so many levels. Since we started our customised
diaries (which I believe was a suggestion by one
of the team at Createl) the children have been
absolutely thrilled to see their artwork on the cover
and we have had lots of fun choosing from so
many fabulous pieces of art”
Alison Neal, St Christophers
Primary School.
“Working with Createl has been a pleasant
experience. The personal contact has ensured that
we have used Createl to print our diaries ever since
we started the college. ”
Neil Wetmore,
Geelong Baptist College.